Out of the Ashes: Rebuilt and Restored

On the night of January 26, 2011 a fire devastated one of our housing units in North City. Thanks to the quick actions of the tenant in the lower unit all of the family members were safely evacuated and experienced no injuries.

The walls in the front bedroom were burned to the studs.

However, the upper unit  was completely destroyed and the lower unit received smoke and water damage. Both families had to be temporarily relocated.


The bathroom was destroyed.

For most of us the thought of being homeless is foreign enough. Try to image being in a housing program assisting you to get back on your feet and into permanent housing, and then having your new home destroyed. That is what these two families faced.


The front bedroom was refinished and carpeted.

With all adversity comes hope and new opportunities. The fire was contained within the plaster walls of the upper unit. The studs and rafters of the unit were not damaged in a significant way.


The bathroom was completely remodeled.

Still, the entire interior needed to be gutted, but this gave us the opportunity to completely remodel the unit. It was furnished with all new appliances, upgrades to the flooring and lighting, and new windows and doors.


Reconstruction began in early spring and was completed at the end of July. A new family moved into the upper unit in early August and another family will soon be moving into the lower.