The Problem


32,000 prison inmate population in Missouri
family members affected by incarceration in Missouri
likelihood of a child of incarcerated parent to become court involved
I was in prison and you visited me.
Matthew 25:37

The Solution

Saint Louis County Justice Center is one of only 120 jails accredited nationwide, requiring the presence of a full-time chaplain with access to all areas of the jail. Humanitri provides this presence.

Our Work Happens By

Bible Class: Small Group

  • Prayer: Inmates share prayer requests. Open in communal prayer
  • Scripture: Study and contextualize passages in the Holy Bible
  • Lord’s prayer: End in shared prayer

Pastoral Counseling: One-to-One

  • Mercy: Chaplain listens for inmate’s unmet needs and calluses of the heart (sin) that resist God’s healing and reject God’s love.
  • Forgiveness: Chaplain helps the inmate process brokenness and losses and understand the God who cleanses from sin.
  • Healing: Acknowledge sickness in the human condition and speaks words of Christ’s healing grace.

Our Impact

inmates/year participate in Bible class
Pastoral Care
inmates/year receive one-to-one pastoral care
adult baptisms in 10 years