We're Humanitri

and we believe homeless families can stabilize and contribute greatly to the region.

Our Story

Humanitri was formed in 2006 through a merger of three highly esteemed social service agencies – Lutheran Ministries Association (LMA), Friend of Moms and Good Samaritan Service Center for the Homeless. Humanitri was chosen as the name for this newly formed agency as it is symbolic of three becoming one in service to our neighbors in need. This merger brought together 130+ years of social ministry response work within the St. Louis community.

Today Humanitri is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides services in the Lutheran tradition. We work to bring TRANSFORMATION to the families we serve through housing, moderately intensive case management and skill development. We believe that every individual created and loved by God deserves to be treated with dignity and given the opportunity for a new start. We are committed to helping our families get the best new start possible.

Since inception, Humanitri has helped over 6,300 homeless individuals.

Our Mission

Humanitri, as Christ’s hands of mercy, helps families facing homelessness achieve stability in a safe and supportive community, providing the skills and resources they need to thrive.

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Faith Statement

We bring the hope of Christ Jesus to our clients, a hope that endures and will not fade because it is grounded upon His goodness and mercy. We have faith that Christ will work through us and our clients for their well-being. Our work is full of joy for it is done in confidence of Christ’s blessing. Our work is marked by the love of God in Christ who first loved us.

Jesus reached out to and embraced people rejected by others; we are called by Him to do the same. Created by God and redeemed by Christ, our clients have inherent and God-given worth and dignity and thus are worthy of our best. As we are accountable to God for our actions and to our donors for the stewardship of God’s gifts, we instill accountability and responsibility within our clients.  The road is not an easy one.  We expect to see change in our clients, and believe they are capable of achieving stability with our support. We do all of this to break cycles of crisis and instability, to improve the quality of life of our clients, to improve prospects for future generations, and so that they can experience peace and joy.

Our Work

Our work is about TRANSFORMATION. We work with families to establish stability and build the skills needed to change the trajectory of their lives and the lives of future generations.