Danyell’s Story.

In 2019, Danyell and her young son became homeless after fleeing a volatile relationship. For months they moved between friends and families sleeping on sofas and floors until finally they landed in a shelter. Danyell felt scared and alone, but she remained focused on one thing – a better life for her son. While in the shelter, Danyell’s caseworker suggested she apply to Humanitri’s Transformational Housing Program.

During their 24-months in the program, Danyell worked hard to make her dreams come true. She was placed in Humanitri-owned housing and connected to critical services like childcare so she could maintain employment. Through regular visits with the Family Support Specialist, she learned critical skills like budgeting and goal setting, good tenancy, and self-care. She was able to purchase a car and enroll in technical school to become a medical assistant. In August of 2021 she moved to permanent housing.

Danyell was determined to create a better future for her son…and so she did.

Danyell and her son and countless others would not have the life they have today without generous donors like YOU. Thank you for joining us on this mission!