• Early adolescence is a critical period for development in children. 
  • Children in this age group who experience instances of poverty and trauma may be unable to reach their full potential.
  • Implementing programs early, including life skills training, has been shown to facilitate growth in areas of critical thinking, planning, interpersonal relationships, and emotional development.


Together Achieving Goals (TAG) is designed for the children and youth in our program. It uses a combination of independent learning via Google Classroom, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Curriculum and in-person visits to focus on skill development in three main areas: home management, financial management and overall personal responsibility/self-management. Designed to complement the existing adult program, the TAG program replicates the areas of focus with the intention that families will work together, creating opportunities to collaborate and achieve goals collectively. Post-Covid, a monthly psychoeducation group will be added. Additional educational support is offered through custom programming and assistance with schoolwork.